Creator Agreement

Welcome, FlirtyFans Creator!

We're thrilled to have you join our platform as a Creator. To ensure a smooth experience for all, please review the following agreement that details our expectations, guidelines, and your earning potential.

1. Content Guidelines and Community Standards:

  • Adherence: All content you upload or share on FlirtyFans must strictly adhere to our Content Guidelines and Community Standards as outlined in the Terms of Service (ToS). This ensures a respectful and safe environment for all.
  • Responsibility: As a creator, you bear full responsibility for the content you post. Ensure it's compliant, respectful, and not infringing on others' rights or violating any laws.

2. Earning Structure:

FlirtyFans is proud to offer a lucrative earning structure that appreciates and rewards your contributions.

  • Subscribers: For every new subscriber who signs up through your profile, you earn $7 each month for as long as they remain active. This provides a direct and steady stream of income based on your promotional efforts.
  • Creator Bonus: Each month we calculate and give you a bonus based on the activity you generate around the site. The more active and engaging you are, the larger your bonus will be!
  • Creator Referrals: Spread the word and grow with us! For every Creator you refer who contributes to a subscriber, you will receive $1 from each and every subscription payment the Referred Creator generates. It's a win-win; they succeed, and you benefit too!
  • Earning from Flirts: Show the love, reap the rewards! Fans can send you Flirts as a way of tipping. Each Flirt holds a monetary value, which is directly added to your account balance, ensuring you feel the appreciation from your dedicated fanbase.

3. Payout Rules:

  • Payout Schedule: Earnings will be credited to your balance;
    • 14 days after a successful subscription payment
    • on the 14th of each month for the Creator Bonus.
  • Minimum Threshold: Ensure you've reached the minimum payout threshold before making a withdrawal request.
  • Tax Compliance: Please ensure your tax forms are filled out correctly. Any discrepancies can lead to delays in payouts and in extreme cases, suspension of your account